CEVA Diversity & Inclusion Campaign

Live Aloha Volleyball Academy Diversity & Inclusion Statement

LAVA will seek to Live Aloha; Always, and all ways!

Live Aloha Volleyball Academy (LAVA) values diversity and inclusion; Always, and all ways.

We encourage those a part of, effected by and inspired by LAVA to also value diversity and inclusion; Always, and all ways.


LAVA will promote diversity and inclusion by weaving it into our ‘ohana culture; Always, and all ways.

LAVA believes our ‘ohana should focus on athletes, coaches, officials, and parents, skill sets, work ethic and competitive spirit; not their race, sexual orientation and/ or gender identity; Always, and all ways.


LAVA strives to create an environment that is free from discrimination or exclusion based on: race sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliations, or other personal attributes. We also seek to end: bullying, cyber-bullying, hazing, harassment, and offensive conduct in all forms. These are actions that are not consummate with our culture and the culture we are helping to create in the CEVA region; Always, and all ways.

LAVA will seek to implement policies, and programming to help educate our membership about these values, and we will encourage all participants in our programs to display these values both on and off the court; Always, and all ways. 

Why do we exist? 

“The mission of Live Aloha Volleyball Academy is to create an environment for everyone to live aloha; Always and All ways.”

How do we “create an environment for everyone to live aloha”? 

LAVA was created with a vision to provide a volleyball (and life for that matter) experience that was different than what was (at the time) currently being provided in the CEVA region and more broadly in the Pacific Nowrthwest.

As we, the staff and ‘ohana of LAVA, are continuing on this path we are constantly learning, growing and discovering new ways to create environments of aloha where young people can learn the game, but more importantly learn about themselves! 

What are we all about? 

At the end of the day volleyball should be looked back on as a positive life changing experience for all involved. Although we will be learning a lot about volleyball, we will prioritize creating an environment where our athletes learn about growth mindset, motor learning, but most importantly themselves

Live Aloha Volleyball Academy Staff


Coach Kaiao Nahale-a

Club Director & The Guru of Good Attitude


Coach Charlie Rosa

Assistant Club Director & The Most Interesting Man in the world




















There are many ways to teach good volleyball. We at LAVA have done and will always continue to research and be open to learning more efficient and effective ways to empower our people (Athletes, Coaches, Parents, ect.) Below are just a few of the people/ organizations/ groups that have helped shape the LAVA way!

Guy Eeriques

Volleyball and life expert

Trevor and Eric Ragan

Train Ugly

John Kessel

USAV God Father of Fun

Indoor, Beach and


Sitting Programs


Volleyball and life expert

Loren Anderson


Director of Rise


Volleyball Academy

Chris McGown and Staff

Gold Medal Squared

Coach Your Brains Out

Podcast Extraordinaire

Mike Gervais and Staff


Win Forever and Finding


Mastery Podcast